About me :

Mahfouz Rostamzadeh

Date of Birth: 1985

Place of Birth: Hawraman, Kurdistan, Iran


Educations :

  • 2003-2007: BSc in Applied Mathematics, University of Tabriz, Iran


  • 2007-2010: MSc in Geometry, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

                Thesis Title: Legendre-Like Theorems in a General Absolute Geometry 

                Supervisor: Dr. Sayed-Ghahreman Taherian


  • 2010-2014: PhD in Geometry, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

                 Thesis Title: Beltrami-Klein Model of Hyperbolic Geometry with Applications

                                         to Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity 

                 Supervisor: Dr. Sayed-Ghahreman Taherian

Research Interests :

Foundations of Geometry

    Absolute Planes

         Non-Euclidean Geometry

                Hyperbolic Geometry

Mathematical Physics

Differential Geometry